Visitors & associates

DGRU hosts a number of visitors throughout the year. Since 2010 we have had the following visitors:

Judge Oagile Dingake from the Botswana High Court as part of the ANCL's academic exchange programme.

Elise Keppler whilst she was on sabattical.Elise is senior counsel with the International Justice Program at Human Rights Watch. Elise has been at Human Rights Watch for seven years, focusing on ensuring justice for grave crimes in Darfur, northern Uganda, and Sierra Leone and the positive development of the International Criminal Court. She has written reports on the Special Court for Sierra Leone and Uganda's International Crimes Division, and was involved in a multi-year campaign to see former Liberian president Charles Taylor surrendered to face trial. Currently, she helps lead Human Rights Watch's work to avoid backlash against the International Criminal Court in Africa.

Prior to joining the International Justice Program, Elise worked as a litigation associate at a major New York law firm, Schulte, Roth and Zabel. She received her law degree from the University of California at Berkeley and her undergraduate degree from Brown University.

Dr Mehrangiz Kar, an eminent human rights activist from Iran who was with us on a "scholars at risk" scholarship programme. More information about Dr Kar can be found on her website.

Professor Charles Fombad from the University of Botswana joined us as a visitor for the African Network of Constitutional lawyers project.