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Online legal resources

Online legal resources

Liberating public legal information in Africa.

The DGRU helps individuals, organisations, and governments build and maintain sustainable free access to law portals to reach the people of Africa and beyond. We do this through our project AfricanLII

We convene a network of 16 African Legal Information Institutes (LIIs) - a collaborative group of organisations and individuals in Africa, dedicated to free access to law on our continent. LII websites are indispensable sources of legal information for the justice sector and citizens of the countries LIIs serve. Often, there is no commercial alternative.

We also provide free access to a Pan-African legal search engine and host regional legal materials. 

We have developed a toolkit for Human Rights law resources, a toolkit for Environmental Law resouces, an automated African Caselaw Cititator and Pocket Law, which provides our data in an offline, but updatable format.

We provide support and technical infrastructure to countries wishing to join the growing African community of free access to law champions. We work with judiciaries, Attorney General’s offices, Law Reform Commissions, Law Societies and civil society to establish and sustain our LIIs.