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Peer-Reviewed Articles and Book Chapters

Tabeth Masengu

  1. ‘Judicial Service Commissions And The Appointment Of Women To High Courts In Nigeria And Zambia’  in  Susan Sterret and Lee Walker (eds) Law and Courts Research Handbook forthcoming 2019.
  2. ‘The Judicial Service Commission and the appointment of Women: more to it than meets the eye’ International Journal of the Legal Profession, forthcoming 2019.
  3. ‘Book Review International Courts and the African Woman Judge: Unveiled Narratives’ Feminist Legal Studies, forthcoming 2019.
  4. ‘Who nominates? Some issues underlying the appointment of judges in South Africa’ (2017) 3, Stellenbosch Law Review, 541(co-authored with Chris Oxtoby).
  5. ‘The Vulnerability of Judges in Contemporary Africa: Alarming Trends’ (2017) 63, 4 Africa Today,3.
  6. ‘Customary Law Inheritance: Lessons Learnt from Ramantele v Mmusi and Others’ (2016) 24, 4 African Journal on international and Comparative Law, 582.
  7. ‘Gender Transformation as a means of enhancing perceptions of impartiality on the bench’ (2016) 133, 3 South African Law Journal, 475.
  8. ‘It’s A Man’s World: Barriers to Gender Transformation in the South African Judiciary. Perspectives from Women Advocates and Attorneys’ (2016) 23, 3 International Journal of the Legal Profession, 305.
  9. ‘A Perspective on Women and Leadership in the South African Judiciary’ (2015) 3 South African Journal of Human Rights, 655.
  10. ‘Standing on the Side-lines clapping; Women and Zambia’s Constitutional Process’ in Jaap de Visser and Nico Stelyer (eds) Constitution Building in Africa (2015),48.