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Training/Professional Development


At its AGM in August 2015, the Southern African Chief Justices’ Forum (SACJF) emphasised the need “…to work toward the establishment of a regional judicial training institution/programmes to create opportunities for the systematic, standardised and sustainable provision of continuing legal education for judicial officers ”. The Conference further identified the need to “progressively move away from ad hoc and unstructured training” and to look at training of judges beyond internal training “… to include making budgetary provisions for such capacity development initiatives including…brief learning periods with appropriate academic and specialised judicial training entities in the region.” The SACJF through its Secretariat expressed a desire to partner with the DGRU and ICJ-Africa to take concrete steps to achieve this goal.  Subsequent informal discussions with judges in the region indicate an overwhelming support for the need of such training.

In December 2015 a group of eminent jurists and human rights practitioners from Africa met to discuss the viability and need of a regional training facility for judges and it was agreed that the Judicial Institute for Africa (JIFA) should be established as a project of the DGRU,  offering university-certified courses for judges in the Law Faculty at University of Cape Town.

JIFA has been operational since 2016 and more about the programmes offered can be found on the JIFA website ( link to website) . We have a regular newsletter that analyses relevant and interesting case law from around the Continent with a specific focus on the SADC region